the company offers a competitive range of technical services to enable advanced and mainstream analog and mixed signal ic designs. customers are fully supported from initial product development through mass production release via asia and u.s. based technical experts. regional supply chain integration through our alliance partners and logistic network also provide additional value creation opportunities. accessing production and engineering information is straight forward with e-service, our online information retrieval system.


the company recognizes that customers require instant access to supply chain management information for planning and decision support. our online e-service function provides a wide range of online reports for customer work in process (wip) and engineering data such as process control monitor (pcm) and yield information on 24 hours/7 day a week basis. registered csmc customer can also download process technology documents and process design kits (pdk) through our e-service function. in the event that customer requires access to standard csmc contractual templates, the e-service link also provides convenient online retrieval.

 design support

to meet the diverse product development needs of global customers, the company provides a host of design support services for achieving first pass design success. we guide customers through the design process with topological layout and electrical design rules, spice models, esd and latch-up protection and stress relief recommendations. the company also provides the physical verification and parameter extraction decks for various eda platforms such as calibre, pvs, qrc and starrc-xt. our objective is to enable customer success on first pass designs therefore reducing time to market penetration and ultimately, time to production revenues for customer and us.

the company has a very experienced team to provide customers with various levels of design services. customers can submit to csmc the netlist, gds-ii or even preliminary specs and receive sorted wafers or completed units from the company. we also work with worldwide qualified design service companies so customers have a wide range of choices. our design service partners offer a diversity of expertise ranging from rtl design, synthesis, placement and routing, full-custom layout implementation, digital and mixed-mode ip design and customization, and one-stop turnkey services.

 prototyping support

for rapid launch and evaluation of prototype designs, the company offers competitive multi product wafer or multi layer mask services for all advanced technology platforms.

the company offers several options for validating new product designs with two prototyping options. our multiple product wafer (mpw) shuttles offer customer the ability to kit their new designs with other our customers for parallel processing on single engineering lot. the multiple layer mask service is additional prototyping alternative which allows multiple gds layers of a single design to be placed on reduced number of masks. the mpw and mlm provide alternatives to cost for producing a full mask set to validate initial prototype designs. additionally, the mlm service allows customers a higher flexibility with scheduling prototype engineering runs outside of fixed mpw shuttle timeslots.

accessing mpw and mlm services is accomplished through our customer engineering expert. based on technology platform and product design requirements, our customer engineers will determine the best options for prototype fabrications and guide customers through our gds importing and checklist processes.

 third-party service

for supply chain integration and total packaged unit cost reduction, the company provides wafer probe, package assembly and final testing referrals to recommended third party suppliers including anst. recommended services are available due to alliances with the regional high volume test and assembly houses. full turnkey manufacturing as a value-added supply chain management service is available for customers who wish to fully outsource asia based production. overall, we are uniquely positioned to simplifying customer business operations and reduce operational management costs.