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csmc offers various of silicon proven ips from the 0.5μm to 0.11μm process technology. each ip was developed by csmc internally or in collaboration with leading industry ip vendors, such as arm, verisilicon, andes, adchips, chingis, c-core, ememory, ipgoal, gigadevice, actt etc.

please login csmc e-service to request an ip datasheet or ip evaluation design kit (fe, including front-end views doc.)

memory ip

 tech. node process ip category
 0.5μm bcd otp
 0.35μm logic/mix-signal otp, sram, flatcell rom
 0.25μm bcd otp
 0.18μm logic/mix-signal sram, otp, mtp,rom,e-fuse
 bcd sram, otp, mtp,rom,e-fuse
 cmos en otp, sram, rom,e-fuse
 flash eflash
 0.153μm cmos en sram, otp, mtp,rom,e-fuse


logic/mixed-signal ip

 tech. node process ip category
 0.35μm mixed-signal dac, adc, dc-dc, pll, usb1.1 phy
 0.18μm logic/mixed-signal dac, adc, dc-dc, pll, osc, por, bod, ldo,bgr, charger, codec, usb1.1 phy, usb2.0 otg, 8051 core, eisc-core, c-core系列
 0.13μm logic/mixed-signal dac, adc,codec, pll, usb2.0 otg, n1033 core, eisc-core, c-core系列
 0.11μm ull flash dac, adc, osc, bgp,trng,pll,por,ldo