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 our vision: being environmental-friendly to realize the social value of the company

 we adhere to the mission "better life together" of china resources group and take "protecting environment, saving energy and reducing emission, safeguarding safety and health of the employees and ensuring property safety of the company" as our aim, and establish ehsen management system complying with iso 14001, iso 45001 and iso 50001 standards. we also promise: 

 - to obey and comply with national and local laws and regulations concerning environment, safety, health and energy saving;  

- to continuously improve ehsen environment, safety, health and energy management system and its performance;

- to prevent environmental pollution, implement cleaning production and save energy and resources;                

- to enhance training and education work in order to improve eshen awareness of the employees;

- comply with rohs directives and keep reducing content of harmful substances.



1693301314402041539.gif environmental management system and oh&s management system certification

the company has established iso 14001 environmental management system and iso 45001 occupational health safety management system in september, 2002 based on the requirements of international standard systems and passed the certification by international famous certification organization dnv (det norske veritas).

we establish and implement iso 14001 environmental management system to promote environment management of the company and impel the company to continuously obey laws and regulations related with environmental protection. we take full consideration of the impact on environment in production and operation activities to reduce environmental load and ensure energy saving, wastes recycling and utilization and operation cost reduction. meanwhile, we also strengthen the environmental protection awareness of the employees, establish company image in the word, improve popularity of the enterprise and gain the “green pass” for access to the international market.

through establishing iso 45001 oh&s management system, which help the company perform its duties to protect occupational health, life and property safety of the employees. we ensure zero major accidents and obviously reduce error events and near-misses by effective risk analysis and management. we will continue to make effort to safeguard shareholder’s interest and sustainable development of the company.



 iso50001 energy management system certification


the company established iso 50001 energy management system in january, 2015 based on international standard systems and technical regulations of national standards, and passed the certification by china quality certification centre (cqc). the obtaining of energy management system certification means the energy management work of the company entering a scientific, regulative and systematic stage. the company establishes systematic energy management mode and gain capability for continuous energy saving by a series of strict management. we establish a complete set of circulation management systems to carry out energy management and form effective energy management system. meanwhile, we control the energy utilization by daily energy monitoring and energy efficiency benchmarking, etc. we achieve the expected energy consumption and utilization standard by continuous improvement which positively promote the soft power of the enterprise.