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  • 2006-cr micro always insists in  high-standard and systematic management, integrative construction, and maintenance of industrial chain operation. moreover, itppays full emphasis and implements the laws and regulations as well ascustomers'demands related to environment-relatedsubstances  such as rohs order, reach regulations,builds perfect the environment-related substance management system in the whole process of purchasing, manufacturing procedure and warehousing. the products are tested and certified by the authoritative third party each year. the company has obtained many certificates from certification authorities, and it is widely recognized by customers.

    quality policy:

    customer-oriented        prevention first        environmental protection        striving for perfection

    quality culture:

    customer satisfaction       quality first        all staff participation       continuous improvement

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taking the customers'satisfaction as orientation, cr micro has established and continuously implement prefect quality system covering the whole process'and uses the standardized and systematized leading management tools to lead high-quality development of the company and realize continuous improvement of production and product quality.

cr micro uses it technology to realize the informatization and intelligence of the whole process from research, development, operating management, production, manufacture to sales and service.

- lay solid foundation and provide the guarantee for realizing the high-efficient and effective quality management.

- crm keeps moving forward to enhance the whole value chain quality intelligent management using informatization, big data and ai technologies.


 cr micro's suppliers are covered all over the world. in order to ensure the products and manufacturing quality, cr micro introduces new suppliers based on the principle of quality first. cr micro systematically and effectively manages the global suppliers by the way of whole process management and supplier relationship management system.

 in order to ensure the suppliers can continuously supply  stable and high-quality raw materials, cr micro has a professional supplier quality management team, organize  regular communication and trainings with suppliers, visit suppliers' factories, and cooperate with suppliers to continuously improve the quality.