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business groups of cr micro

 introduction of integrated circuit business group

being subordinate to cr micro, integrated circuit business group (icbg for short) is the business unit responsible for power ic, intelligent sensor, intelligent control, system application as well as solutions design & development. icbg mainly focuses three application fields such as power, motors and batteries, and it is mainly engaged in design and development of integrated circuit and system solutions of power management, battery management, motor drive, microcontroller and sensor. the products are widely applied in the fields such as home appliances, small home appliances, energy-saving lighting, electric tools, digital portable devices, fire protection devices, instruments & apparatus, medical and electronics instruments, and computer peripheral equipment.

icbg has several independent brands such as semic, powtech, crsemi and et., it endeavors to build chinese famous brand of power integrated circuit and realizes the vision of becominge leading in power integrated circuit and intelligent system solutions in china.

  the main product line of icbg: drive and mcu products, led lighting products, fire-fighting and sensing products, smart power grids application products, electric tools, photoelectric products, wireless charging products, darlington drive, linear regulator, power amplifier, system application solutions and so on.

 introduction of power device business group

being subordinate to cr micro, power device business group (pdbg for short) is the business unit fully responsible for power devices and modules. pdbg applies the business organization mode based on the product line, focuses on the power device business field and continuously creates value for customers by providing high-reliability and high-performance power device products, modules, system application plans and services with its own brands.

pdbg has several independent brands of power devices such as crmicro, huajing and ips. its process platforms such as sgt mos, sj mos, sbd, frd and igbt independently developed and the technical level of the corresponding modules and system application solutions are in the leading position in china. at the same time, pdbg is actively planning the device products made of the third-generation semiconductor materials such as gan, sic and etc. the company products are oriented to the three application fields of motors, batteries and power in the markets of consumer electronics, communication electronics, industrial electronics, medical electronics and auto electronics, and the company products are widely applied to niche markets such as general-purpose switch power, mobile fast charging, white household appliances, scooters, electric gardening tools, electric welding machines,.ups, variable-frequency drive, charging pile, solar photovoltaic, industrial control and automobile electronics.

pdbg will insist in the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation and be devoted to building chinese famous brand of power devices.

 main product lines of pdbg: mosfet,igbt,bjt&diodes, system solutions.

 introduction of foundry business group

being subordinate to cr micro, foundry business group (fbg for short) is the business unit fully responsible for the wafer foundry and mask manufacturing.

wafer foundry service means providing technological process of 1.0-0.11μm based on 8-inch and 6-inch production line. fbg can provide the customers with wide wafer manufacturing technology including a series of special process platforms such as bcd, mixed-signal, hv cmos,rfcmos, e-nvm, bicmos, logic, mosfet,igbt, soi, mems and bipolar. at the same time, fbg can also provide the development and design services of customized process platforms. key planning of relevant processes are done at the request of national emerging industries and markets. so, fbg can provide the customers with diversified process platform solutions in the fields of power management, intelligent lighting, radio frequency application, automobile electronics, intelligent consumer electronics, internet of things and smart power grids.

for mask business, it has world-leading mask-making equipment such as laser and electron beam  equipment and can provide  customers with special services such as frame, ip merge and opc. common mask (binary), phase shift mask (psm), gray mask and other advanced mask products can be widely applied to the fields such as ic, discrete device, mems, led and bumping.

insisting in the independent foundry mode and relying on the open manufacturinge platform of cr micro, fbg focuses on researching and developing new processing technology, strengthens the core ability of products manufacturing and technical services, builds high-quality analog power semiconductor and intelligent sensor manufacturing platform and maximizes value for customers.

 introduction of assembly & test business group

being subordinate to cr micro, assembly & test business group (atbg for short) is the foundry platform for semiconductor assembly and test. atbg uses the innovative business management mode to mainly provide various  assembly & test foundry business for domestic and overseas semiconductor companies. its products are widely applied in the fields such as consumer electronics, home appliances, communication electronics, industrial control and automobile electronics. the main business includes turnkey business such as semiconductor circuit probing (cp), traditional ic assembly, power device assembly (flipchip technology), high power module assembly (ipm), advanced panel assembly (plp), mems microphone and optocoupler sensor assembly and finished products test. after several years’ development, the company has set up the production bases with perfect quality system and good services in wuxi, shenzhen, dongguan and chongqing.  it has been highly recognized by many important customers both in china and abroad.