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cr micro pays high attention to the customer satisfaction and actively listen to the customer'suggestions and put them into effect.

- regularly understand customers'feeling and demands from product quality, factory capacity, customer services, technical research and  management system etc.

- provide vip services for key customers so that customers can have one-stop services and comprehensively master the product and production line situation such as development schedule, yield trend, on-time delivery rate, online quality control and complaint progress.

establish the perfect complaint management mechanism in the whole value chain.

- implement 24-hour response mechanism for the complaints, carry out  close and transparent team cooperation, realize the closed-loop management which has response, track and implementation of each task.

- rely on advanced failure analysis equipment and powerful it system, quickly and effectively findthe root of problems, takecorrection measures in order to avoid the re-occurrence of problems.

- use 8d means to solve the problems, provide complete analysis report to customers, timely report the latest progress and subsequent improvement to the customers during the complaints handling process.

- rely on effective information analysis mechanism, find  improvement points in the process of historical big data analysis, realize the pre-warning of qualitative variation and gradually improve the products and services.