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 0.5μm/0.35μm 5v mixed-signal & 7v ldo platform

        0.5μm/0.35μm modular cmos technology for mixed signal product applications



0.5/0.35um is csmc's standard mixed signal process platform. in addition to the double poly, quadruple metal 0.5 micron drawn gate length process for analog applications, 0.35 micron back-end process modules are available for 5v n/pmos and 5v isolated nmos, double-poly and ono capacitor and high resistance poly resistors. mos transistors are available. all main modules are comparable in design rules and transistor performance with other state of the art 0.35 μm cmos processes. comprehensive design rules, accurate spice models, analog and digital libraries, ip‘s and development kits support the process on platforms supplied by the major eda tool vendors.


 key features
- 5v logic layout & performance compatible with the industry standard
- 0.5-micron double poly, quadruple metal, n-well cmos basic process
- modular concept
- 5v gate module
- double poly capacitor
- high value poly resistor
- well isolated 5v devices
- i/o cell library with 2kv hbm esd protection levels


- mixed signal product
- high precision mixed signal circuits
- dc-dc converter