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 0.25μm 5v salicide analog

        0.25 micron modular cmos technology for analog product applications



csmc provides 0.25um s/a 5v cmos process, with sti feol and 0.25 beol, which offers more advantaged device pitch, lower rdson, higher reliability and cost-effective mask layers. it's a perfect solution for ldo, audio amplifier, hub controller, etc.


 key features
- sti feol / 0.25 beol process
- low rdson with cobalt-salicide process
- single poly gate
- simplify layer number for high-integration and cost-effective design
- mim capacitor \ high-resistor \ depletion mos option
- wide temperature-range modeling from -40 to 125℃
- full design kit support with pdk\cmd\esd solutions


- 5v ldo, regulator, charge pump
- audio amplifier
- usb (2.0, 3.0) hub controller
- hdmi hub controller