w020200217576447096443.gif 0.25μm s-bcd g2 (12v-60v)


csmc offers 0.25μm s-bcd g2 (12v-60v) process with cost effective mask layer and competitive device performance, and provides unique thick gate oxide hv devices. suited for motor driver,ac-dc/dc-dc converters, pmics applications.

 key features - low voltage 5v cmos (max op: 6v)
- high voltage 12~24v/30v~60v scalable
- switch and analog nldmos (thin & thick), full isolated nldmos (12-24v)
- rich options low rdson pldmos (12-24v), zener &jfet&bjt
- 5v standard cell library analog pdk
- 5v e-otp, 5v e-fuse/ft e-fuse

- motor driver
- ac-dc/dc-dc convertor
- pmics