as a pure play foundry, the company offers a broad range range of adaptable cmos specialty processes and associated design enablement tools for the manufacture of power management integrated circuits (ics).

targeting analog/mixed-signal and power device/circuit applications, our wide range of platforms include cmos/analog, bicmos, rf/mixed-signal cmos, bcd, power device and mems.

in particular, the modular approach for bcd technologies allows customers to leverage core logic control circuits across an extensive range of power applications. we offer 0.5μm/1.0μm uhv bcd process solution for high efficiency appliances and power supplies for ac-dc converter and led lighting.

 technology roadmap




the company is an emerging power analog technology solution provider in the global drive towards energy efficiency. to satisfy our industry‘s needs for high efficiency power conversion and low standby current, we have developed specialty analog power technologies that allow customers to design products that maximize energy savings in power sensitive applications including power adapters, power suppliers, lighting applications including led, computers and home appliances. we currently provides mainstream high voltage and bcdmos processes and is aggressively expanding its modular technology platforms with higher operating breakdown voltages to meet the multi faceted design requirements of our customers. the company works closely with early adopter customers to provide advanced technology access during development stages that enable customers to guide device customization for broader market application segments.

currently, our global customers employ our power analog technologies for power management designs including dc-dc convertors, linear regulators, led driver designs, motor driver products and audio power amplifiers as examples.

 bcd              0.18μm ab bcd(7v-24v)
 0.18μm db bcd g2s(7v-80v)
 0.18μm db bcd g2s(80v-120v)
 0.18μm db bcd g3(7v-40v)
              0.25μm s-bcd g2(12v-60v)
              0.8μm 700v bcd g3s
 0.8μm 40v power analog
              1.0μm 600v hvic
 1.0μm 60v/120v hv
 1.0μm 25v/40v hv


 standard analog

        the company's portfolio of mainstream analog process technologies are successfully utilized by our customers for power management applications including dc-dc converters, linear regulators, audio amplifiers, tuners and controller ics. as demonstrated through years of high volume production, each platform is fully characterized and supported with integrated process design kits to simplify customer design cycle and time to market. our professional design service support, process design kits and cell libraries provide customers with unmatched advantages for developing mainstream cost effective analog product solutions.

 standard analog              0.25μm 5v salicide analog
              0.35μm 3v/5v mixed-signal
              0.5μm/0.35μm 5v mixed-signal
 0.5μm/0.35μm 7v ldo



      based on the company's logic process platforms, we offer mixed signal and rfcmos processes in 0.18μm/0.16μm/0.153μm and 0.13μm/0.11μm technology nodes. our advanced mixed signal and rfcmos processes deploy a number of performance-enhancing features including deep n-well, multiple operating voltages (vt), mim capacitors, high poly resistors, (ultra thick top metal) inductors, and varactor.

        our technology features and flexibility enable a high performance, low cost solution for integrated function designs. our design service tool kits include well characterized models, command files and rc extraction that ease schematic entry, simulation, layout generation, parameter extraction, and design rule validation.

        our mixed signal and rfcmos processes are fully compatible with industry standard cmos logic technology. advanced cmos technology expertise and quick turn manufacturing lead times enable fast time to market with optimum product solutions. we are able to meet customer high volume production requirements with our install fab2 8-inch capacity and with ongoing capacity expansion programs

 mixed-signal/rf              0.11μm ull
 0.11μm e-flash
              0.153μm cmos en (5v)
              0.18μm/0.16μm/0.153μm 1.8v/3.3v g
 0.18μm/0.16μm/0.153μm 1.8v/5v g
 0.18μm cmos en(3.3v or 5v)
 0.18μm e-flash