the charger/ adapter application includes the two functional sections of "primary side switch" and “secondary side synchronous rectification"

● primary side switch:

  1)common charger:  drive by high voltage dmos

  2)quick charger:  the main switch below 18w adopts planar mos, and that over 18w adopts sj mos

● synchronous rectification:driven by medium and low voltage mos, sgt mos is preferred

secondary side sampling function of the charger/ adaptor: driven by reference power supply circuit

product list
product model product encapsulation product category
crte120n06l sop-8 mos
crtt095n12n to-220 mos
crth105n06l to-251 mos
crst065n08np to-220 mos
crst060n10np to-220 mos
crst037n10np to-220 mos
crss052n08np to-220 mos
crst055n08np to-220 mos
crst045n10np to-220 mos
crss037n10np to-263 mos
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