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electric/ gardening tool application includes the three functional sections of”charger”, “lithium-ion battery protection”and “motor drive”

● charger: high voltage dmos transistor, general high voltage mos for handheld low power tools, and sj mos for high power tools

● lithium-ion battery protection: medium and low voltage dmos transistor

● motor drive: medium and low voltage dmos transistor



product list
electric/garden tools
product model product encapsulation product category
cs15n04aep-g sop-8 mos
cs140n04a4 to-252 mos
cs80n03b4 to-252 mos
cs15n04aep-g sop-8 mos
hgq024n04a dfn5*6 mos
cs13n03ae-2w sop-8 mos
hgq018n03a dfn5*6 mos
crts095n12n to-263 mos
crtt088n10n to-220 mos
crts088n10n to-263 mos
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