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the wireless charging system mainly includes : “full bridge inverter”, “transmitting and receiving control” and “mos driving circuit”

● full bridge inverter: low voltage dmos transistor

● transmitting and receiving controller: wireless power transfer mcu; wireless power transmitting control circuit; wireless power receiving control circuit

● mos driving circuit: high speed mos driving transistor

product list
wireless charging
product model product encapsulation product category
cs4268lo msop10 高速mos驱动电路
cs4268lo msop8 高速mos驱动电路
cs4268lo msop10 高速mos驱动电路
cs4978en qfn24 无线充电接收端控制电路
cs4977ef qfn40 无线充电接收端控制电路
cs4967ef qfn48 无线充电发送端控制电路
cs4968en qfn48 无线充电发送端控制电路
cs49p60ef qfn32 无线电能传输mcu
cs4268lo msop10 高速mos驱动电路
cs4977ef qfn40 无线充电接收端控制电路
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