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product name

bms lithium-ion battery protection solution

product parameters

lithium-ion battery pack bms with 3~24cell, 5~300a discharging current and 1~30a charging power up to 100v


● bmslithium-ion battery protection solution is mainly used in power battery fields: electric tools, electric self-balancinge scootersbike, two/ three-wheeled electric vehicles, garden tools and base station energy storage

● core technologies:

      open circuit voltage method, ampere-hour method, kalman filtering, least square estimate soc technology, meeting duration requirements 

      high-efficient, high power factor, coordinating bms of low emi charging power supply to ensure safety of the lithium-ion battery pack 

      active balancing technology up to 10a to prolong service life of the lithium-ion battery pack 

● high end bms: vibration –resistance, water and dust resistance level: ip 67, accurate soc calculation, wireless remote communication, battery pack positioning, iot app, disconnection protection, short circuit protection function.

● medium end bms: high current accuracy, high-voltage test accuracy, lowest power consumption to 10ua, disconnection protection, short circuit protection, pre-charging function and at least 2-channel temperature testing

● low end bms: low cost and high accuracy