Leasing or Renting

Realestate – Leasing or Renting – Can they be more customer focused ?

The Industry:

The industry for me is a mixed back of results, every time you want to

My campaign to this present time is to get people the tenancy service they desire and the one they deserve.

I have been wanting for a very long time to develop a solution that should make radical changes in that industry after been involved in it.  However, something tells me to look in to the ‘big why’ of why I am doing this instead of something else.  There could be something worth learning and people worth meeting that would be so important and fundamental to this entire excersise and could shape what I want to bring out to this world.

So, I’ll be meeting with people in the tenancy industry, scheduling events, making plans and sharing stories and progress along the way and giving people lots of do’s and don’ts.  So, stay turned!

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