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Landlords with bad Tenants often think of their issue as sheer luck. But how much of it is due to the Agent’s lack of care and diligence ?

There are plenty of Agents out there doing business, but what drives them to be in business and are you (tenants and landlords) in its centre ? –  It’s your experience that will give you an understanding about who you’re dealing with.   What the Hub does is give that understanding before you start with an Agent.

The conduct of Agents – Why should you care  is all about reflecting on your stories (landlords and tenants) to show someone new, the importance of getting the right Agent in selling, buying, leasing or renting.  You’d have to conclude that “prevention is better then medicine” and to have a cure ready, just in case.  I believe the following 3 things, would have made all the difference in each and every on of your stories:

  1. Identify Dependable Agents, in a snap
  2. Be supported when problems arise
  3. Know your rights, as you need to know them

In the next section, I’ll discuss how “The Hub” works to achieve these 3 things to line you up with a positive story.

NOTE: By sharing your stories, you are contributing in making a difference.  It helps in developing solutions around problems and sharing experience with people like you.  If you have a story, I encourage you to contact me and share it.

The Hub

This Hub’s primary function is to refer you to worthy agents & contractors (Agent).  I’ll discuss what worthy Agent means in the next section.

Provide the suburb detail on a form and get the contact details of an Agent, servicing your suburb. That simple!

I’ll be explaining next, how “The Hub” captures the essence of the 3 things we discussed earlier and your role in keeping worthy Agents, registered on “The Hub”.

1) Establishing Relationships With the best Agents

The Hub connects you to worthy Agents who are intrinsically connected with the core values and principles, that I live and stand by every single day.

These Agents are cost competitive just like the rest, but what truly sets them aside is their attitude to life, work ethics, which is inherent in their DNA, how they treat their staff and hence, how their staff will treat You (the customer). These Agencies have proven themselves to this Hub.  How I discovered them is covered in my journey to finding the right people. If you are connected to these values,  they should make your life easier, make you happier and you’ll ❤ them for it.  You can read the success stories and my own reflection at the end of each one!

2) Maintain Relations through Merit

Rate Your Agent is how The Hub allows its members (the tribe) to rate their designated Agents.  It gives the tribe:

  • Continuous Quality & Reliability Assurance
  • More tailored services, without additional expense

The Agents delivers on the above, because they recognise the volume of referrals coming from the Hub.  This volume of referrals is a working relationship which serves as a bargaining tool in case an Agent steps out of character. That’s how we maintain worthy Agents, by continually building upon existing relationships.  That’s how, you benefit from relying on Agents without fear, be quick but not sloppy!  That’s how we can meet the first of the 3 things, we discussed earlier.

3) Connect The Tribe with itself

The tribe is the members of this affiliation (The Hub), and its purpose is discussed on the tribal culture page.  The hub ensures that the members can communicate with themselves, their Hub’s representatives, place feedback, share stories and connect to invaluable resources, which would assist in enabling the 2nd and 3rd items of the 3 things, we discussed earlier.

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