5 Plugins Guaranteed To Help You Collect More Leads

For the last few weeks, I’ve been refining my site for a swifter integration with social networks, and for the launch of my property rental campaign.  The purpose of this is to build rapport with people and quickly.

In doing so, I want to gain traction, with the aid of SEO and tracking movements on my website to gain better insights from people.

As I am starting out, with no funding at my disposal.  I’m leveraging on what I can, with what I can.  Lot’s of WordPress plugins useful for collecting more Leads (interested people), can cost around $200US p.a, which is about twice the rate I pay for my web hosting.

However, for someone like me on very little budget who is getting started, I suggest SumoMe List Builder plugin for WordPress, which seems to the job with a large set of functionality provided for Free.


For further information, you can visit this blog.

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