WordPress 4.5.4 wp-login bug with php7

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot create references to/from string offsets in /Users/USERNAME/Documents/Websites/PROJECTNAME/web/wp/wp-includes/user.php:56 Stack trace: #0 /Users/USERNAME/Documents/Websites/PROJECTNAME/web/wp/wp-login.php(784): wp_signon('', '') #1 {main} thrown in /Users/USERNAME/Documents/Websites/PROJECTNAME/web/wp/wp-includes/user.php on line 56

actually it was fixed in 4.7.


Fix: Line 787 in wp-login.php change as follows:

$user = wp_signon(  ” , $secure_cookie );

to the following:

$user = wp_signon( array(), $secure_cookie );


World Press version info can be obtained directly from:


see also https://github.com/roots/bedrock/issues/289


Source: WordPress/WordPress

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