Property prices: Will housing bubble pop in 2017?

Is there a property bubble?

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AUSTRALIA is in the midst of the greatest credit-fuelled real estate bubble the country has ever seen. When it pops it’s going to devastate the economy, and quite possibly take the big banks with it.

Protect yourself against falling property prices

Remember: you’re in trouble if you’re forced to sell in the worst possible market!!!

In Summary

If you’re looking to buy as a first-home buyer, I wouldn’t rush and buy until the market is less volatile.

While you wait, why don’t you start investing in Australian Business. Australia really need an economy boost.  Fixing our economy is paramount.  Because I believe property hikes is the symptom of the underlying economical issues. Don’t count on no politician.  It should start with you, first and foremost.   To see what I’m doing follow my Property Rental Campaign.

Source: Property prices: Will housing bubble pop in 2017?

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