Australian Land: bought out by Chinese Investors



One thing I’m passionate about is is to fix my own personal insecurities.  One of them is securing some sort of a future for my retirement age, my children, others around me and this country as a nation.

I find the property value is soaring out of reach and if this trend continues, I’ll definitely expect it to surpass the reach of our children.

My Reflection of the Problems

I’ve thought about Invest in properties more than 5 years ago to secure my future and my children’s.  However, I quickly came to a realisation that this path will lead me to be a slave to a mortgage with a leash and a whip, to keep me working very hard for the rest of my life, in paying it off.  That is if I retain my job and my circumstances don’t change for the worst.

What happens if I don’t keep up with this turbulent economy that we have ?  Well, as anyone would tell you, I’ll have to sell cheap or default on the lawn.

That’s why I’ve changed my course to invest my time and money in business and the future of this nation.

The National Security

National Security shouldn’t be just about protecting the country from foreign and domestic enemies. It should be about adapting to changes around us.  Just about everyone I know invests in property and most of those people depend on their jobs to fund their mortgages.    So, when I reflected on our economy (5 years ago), I saw that we’re heading for disaster, because nothing is planned for sustaining the economy.  Surely enough, they’re forecasting a property crash by up to 50%, to happen soon.

You might call lack of vision, or bad politicians making personal gains out of bad decisions.  When they’ve signed the free trade agreement with China, I saw the writing on the wall that things will have to change, perhaps for the worst, because as far as I can see it’s mainly a one sided deal.

To top it off, Australia is slowly being bought out by foreign investors namely Chinese.  One question I ask why is it that Australian policy permit foreigners to buy property in Australia but China’s policy doesn’t permit non Chinese to buy property in China.  This is exacerbating the issues and Dick Smith couldn’t have said it better in the following video.

Chinese Farms
Air date: Tuesday, February 16, 2016


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The historic Australian property that has foreign investors circling to buy.

Kidman Station is the world’s largest cattle property – reaching across three states and the Northern Territory.

The potential sale comes just weeks after the nation’s biggest dairy farm in Tasmania was bought by a Chinese investment company.

Source: ninemsn staff | Air date: Wednesday, March 23, 2016




Chinese Buyers

Air date: Monday, June 8, 2015

Source: Chinese Buyers – A Current Affair – Ninemsn.


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